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Understanding Chief Marketing Officer Jobs

Chief marketing officer jobs can be very demanding as this refers to the corporate title of an executive who will be responsible for different marketing initiatives in a company.  In most situations, the title refers to the position who needs to regularly report to the chief executive officer (CEO).

A Chie Marketing Office (CMO) has the role which is primarily on areas in product development, sales management, distribution channel management, marketing communications, public relations, market research, customer service and pricing.  A CMO is constantly faced with a ranged of disciplines that are specialized, requiring them to be highly knowledgeable.

Functions which are highly creative, such as promotions and advertising, and highly analytical, like market research and pricing, are among the daily challenges and activities included in these functions.  Chief marketing officer jobs therefore need to establish the officer’s own style in leadership.

A CMO needs to be a good leader in motivating and spearheading her or his subordinates.  He or she would have to rely on resources which will be out of the officer’s control.  There are some functional areas which are outside the scope of marketing like information technology, production, finance and legal which would directly affect the marketing performance relative to the objectives.

It is because of that fact that chief marketing officer jobs would need to be influential to peers in achieving some goals.  This will be very necessary to be able to lead the peers, thus, making the task of a CMO much more complicated.

A CMO’s role will not be complete without some challenges attached to it.  He or she will be responsible in facilitating both internal and external communications of the company.  This is in line with working towards corporate objectives like generation of revenues, risk mitigation or even reduction of costs.

Corporate chief marketing officer jobs are considered to be the riskiest job in the American corporate world.  Even the CMOs in the biggest companies like Verizon, Gap, Best Buy and Coca-Cola leave the position within 12 months.  This is very short compared to CEOs who stick to their position for an average of 54 months.

For most CMOs, tenure is relatively short as there is a constant pressure to drive profits and communications efforts would lead to unpredictable impacts.  In 2008, an average tenure for a CMO was just over 28 months, according to the citation by Forbes.

Chief marketing officer jobs would require practical skills in finding solutions through innovative thinking.  The status quo poses challenges to the CMOs and any deviations that would result to no financial results are often misunderstood as miscalculation and incompetence.

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