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Rationale for Design of Chairs: Office Productivity and Comfort

Chairs are just chairs to most, but if you look a little closer, there are many interesting facts which contributed to the development of chairs. Office requirements could be one of the many factors which helped develop the aesthetics and functions of chairs.  Aside from that, there could be many other factors and circumstances which contributed to the development of the common and specialized chairs that are being used these days.

The railroad industry paved the way for the development of chairs for office.  It was the railroad industry which caused the high demand for office chairs.   While traditional business environment was mainly dominated by small businesses, such cottage industries eventually had to go away and large companies began to increase in numbers over time.

Newer occupational needs also forged the creation of newer types of office furniture which not served to make employees comfortable at work, but to also help increase productivity in the long run through creating functional and comfortable chairs Office seating first needed to have two primary functions which made it distinct from all the rest of the other chairs.  The usual design for an office chair included the installation of casters to make the user mobile around his or her workstation.  Typical chairs for offices also have the swivel function to make the user capable of doing multiple tasks due to the wider range of movement while seated.

Technology revolution also created high demand for the more functional and distinctive designs for chairs.  The fields in the information and administrative industries contributed largely to the growth in technology.  Along with these developments in this industry came greater demands for specialized types of seating.  Such specialized chair designs include ergonomic chairs and computer chairs.

Aside from transformations in the business world over the years, there are also other factors which influenced the development of chairs. Office architectural treatment and the natural climate of the place also influenced the development of chairs.  In tropical areas where the climate is humid and hot, mesh chairs became highly popular.  Mess chairs are able to breathe and could help employees get comfortable and a bit cooler during a hot working day.

On another light, the computer chairs were also developed as computers became highly popular.  This chair could be very adjustable and would be very comfortable to sit on for a long period of being seated.  Computer chairs have very adjustable swivel function, casters, armrest, backrest, padded seat and headrest.

Adjustability would be very favorable for the later developed chairs.  Office users would have to be seated most of the time, which could last up to 4 straight hours or more on the chair.  As this can be very stressful to the joints, muscles and limbs, having comfort and function combined in an ergonomic chair could be very much a relief.

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