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Personal Computing Gets Better When You Buy Office 2007 Professional

MS Office in 1989 and a Windows version in 1990 have been major breakthroughs for Microsoft. Several upgrades and versions followed with the addition of features. The latest to enter the market is Ms Office 2007. Users can buy office 2007 Professional which is one of eight editions of MS Office 2007. This version is compatible with Windows 2003 with Service Pack 1 or higher, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

When you buy office 2007 Professional you can be sure of having the most powerful and comprehensive applications from Microsoft. The minimum requirement for installation of Office 2007 pro is a normal Pentium III PC with 256 MB RAM and 2 GB of storage space. The price is not much more than Office 2003 and if you are thinking of upgrading then it will hardly cost you anything at all. The package consists of eight Microsoft Office 2007 Suites which you can choose from namely Microsoft Office Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, Standard, Home & Student, Professional Plus, Professional, and Basic 2007.

The basic file format for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is XML which has a number of advantages. These files are of a reduced file size and there are fewer chances of files getting corrupted. XML files are compatible and can be easily integrated with older versions of MS Office. So whether you are a professional, student, or an enterprise, MS Office 2007 has all the answers to your needs.

When you buy office 2007 Professional, you get a complete collection of productivity and database software. The contact management features enables users to manage customer and prospect information in one place. Whether you need to create business documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or a web service, MS Office 2007 Professional has all the key ingredients to keep you one step ahead. It goes without saying, the program is easy to handle and manage. Many small businesses have decided to buy office 2007 Professional because not only does it helps them to save time and stay organized, but is one of the most secure packages in the market today.

The new menu has a ribbon structure where each tab corresponds to a task. There are many changes brought about to each application. Word 2007 enables you to create, publish, and update blog entries directly. It also features an enhanced document comparison and document inspector. Excel 2007 features expanded rows and columns, while there are a number of new tools for managing and formatting data easily. The conditional formatting is much easier to apply in Excel 2007. Making charts is also simpler. With PowerPoint 2007 you can set up slide libraries and you can add theme styles in order to transform the appearance of presentations.

All the flaws and problems of earlier versions have been ironed out in Office 2007. The ever increasing demand from users for added capabilities makes Office 2007 the ideal solution for everyone.

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