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Cheap Microsoft Office Suites as Substitutes

People in today’s age depend so much on computers to do their daily tasks and having cheap Microsoft office software will greatly help in saving some cash on day to day costs.

On an average, every household would have a single personal computer.  For those having multiple PCs, having to buy licensed Microsoft office software could hurt one’s budget.  The cheapest way that you can buy multiple software licenses would be through bundled licensing.  Although this can be a cheap option for anyone, not everyone might need to buy software with a new set of hardware all the time.  If this is your case, an option that you can do is to do some shopping online.  You can have a look at online shopping carts which could give you a lot of options.

Cheap Microsoft office license could come as Student and Teacher edition.  It will cost you around $125 for Office 2003 which you can purchase online.  It would be having features like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint which would be similar to that of the Standard Edition.  Nobody will be checking whether or not you’re really a student or teacher so basically, everybody can buy this edition.  With the Student and Teacher edition, you can no longer do an upgrade in the event that the version gets outdated.  You can even install a single license to up to 3 PCs in your home or office.

If $125 is not cheap enough for you, you still have other options to get your licensed software really cheap.  There’s WordPerfect Office version 12 by Corel which is so much like the Microsoft office product.  It would also have the Student and Teacher Edition, Home Edition, and Standard Edition, and these could be very much cheaper compared to its Microsoft equivalent.

Sun’s Star Office can be bought at $60 which is a very low-cost alternative for a cheap Microsoft office.  Before you consider making a Star Office purchase though, take note that there is an upcoming version called Star Office 8 which will be very much similar to the Office 2003 interface.  It would be easier to use for people who are very much used to using Microsoft Office.  If at this point it’s still unavailable to you, I suggest you better wait a few more days as the updated version will be so much better.

Another option for cheaper software is which can be very much like the Star Office, but would have low support.  You can also consider waiting for the newer version called 2.0 which is more powerful than the older version.  It might not be in the market yet and could be sold very soon.  Just be aware though that since the alternative suites are so much cheaper alternatives to cheap Microsoft office, you might not get a true compatibility.

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