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Cheap Microsoft Office 2007 Substitutes Are Easy to Find

More and more households are having multiple computers in a single home.  This could pose problems especially that software licenses could be very expensive.  Unless it is bundled with a new pc unit, it might be a challenge for a user to find cheap Microsoft office 2007.

PC productivity software that is bundled with a brand new desktop or laptop computer is so far the cheapest way to get a productivity software license.  As you might not be buying a new pc all the time, it might be a challenge to buy cheap license for your pc, especially if you have multiple computers at home which need to be installed with productivity software.  You can never go wrong though if you start shopping from online shopping stores.

One way to buy cheap Microsoft office 2007 is to purchase the Student and Teacher Edition.  It would have the same features as the standard edition but you might not be able to upgrade in case the version gets outdated.  It would also have the necessary features like PowerPoint, Outlooks, Word and Excel.  If you are not a student or a teacher, you can always ask someone you know who is, but since no one is really checking whether you are a teacher or a student, everybody can just make a purchase online.

If you do not find the Student and Teacher Edition cheap enough, you still have other options to get cheap productivity software for your system.  If you have not heard of it, Corel has its similar software called WordPerfect Office ver 12.  In my personal opinion, this can be so much similar to the authentic Microsoft office product and would also come in Student and Teacher Edition, Home Edition, or Standard Edition.  Compared to its Microsoft productivity suite equivalent, these packages could be comparable to the cheap Microsoft office 2007.

You do not have to get discouraged if you cannot find Cheap Microsoft office 2007 as you actually never run out of options.  There is software by Sun called Star Office which is tagged at $60 and could be just as functional as the Microsoft suite.  It even has a newer version Star Office 8 which has an interface that is very much similar to that of Microsoft office interface.  Users who are very much familiar with the Microsoft interface will find the latest version of Sun’s Star Office just superb and could almost fell like their using the authentic one.

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