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Change of Address is Inevitable: Post Office Can Help

One of the most difficult things I went through when I had to get promoted and get assigned to another place was the change of address.  Post office could offer address change service for you for a minimal fee to help you not miss out on everything that you would have to update.

Moving can mean having to change mailing address for your magazine subscriptions, bills and other important correspondence.  The manned by which you would be changing your address could depend on what you have to change.

First of all, you have to do a little bit of research to not miss on anything if you want a change of addressPost office in the United States offers a service on the website for a change of address with a fee of 1 US Dollar.  You may also choose to do this at your local post office and get a form without any fee.

For a change of billing address, you may check your statement of accounts from your credit cards or utility bills, as these would have a provided space where you can fill in your new billing address.  You might also need to fill out the check box at the front portion and don’t forget to do this as this can be a very important thing to do.

Other that that, there can be other ways that you can make a request for a change of address Post office might be the more comprehensive way to do this but can be very tedious for most people.  To make it easier for you, you can give it a try to look for customer service phone line for an organization.  You can simply call in your new address through phone.  Make sure that when you do this, you should have the new address you gave read back so that you can verify if the new address was recorded accurately.

You can also try to look online if you want to have your magazine subscription delivery address changed.  Most magazines nowadays would allow you to change your address through the website.  You can make use of the ID number of your subscription which comes with your mailings.

There is also a better and cheaper way to make known your change of address. Post office updating might be comprehensive enough to prevent you from missing out something, but if it does not permit you to be able to do that, you can just resort to informing everyone about your change of address.

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