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Better Editing When You Buy Office 2003

Microsoft is a productivity suite of interrelated desktop applications used by au fait workers. Microsoft office suite was introduced in 1989 with the first version of Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint. Over the years, the Microsoft office suite has grown substantially with highly complicated features like spell checker, OLE date integration etc.

Microsoft Office 2003 is a wrap up of all the office features deliberated for smooth office work. Office 2003 provides productivity suite versions like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InfoPath, FrontPage, Publisher, Project, and Live Meeting etc. Each program is sold as separate software merchandise but 2003 merges them all together into one variety with a high price tag.

Old Versions of Microsoft are self-sufficient; Office 2003 package, more advanced and updated than any previous versions at an insignificant cost. Office 2003 excites any regular Microsoft user as it provides the basic features in a new form.

Business houses as well as students have taken up the use of 2003 as it guarantees best visual presentation, mail letters, coalesces both text and graphical design, organizes business meetings and crafts superior quality graphical designs.

Students or office workers who are mostly involved in text, staging and systematizing statistics recommend 2003 because it excels in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and its highly efficient and comfortable to work. Programs like Excel and Word can be used very easily.

Microsoft office 2003 can be purchased from any store that deals in computer software or you can update your Personal Computer by buying office 2003 and installing it. Copy Paste Microsoft commands are the most commonly used office commands in Microsoft Office 2003.

Earlier computer office application used different keyboard commands, different menus within, and linking documents. Microsoft chose programs that contain consistent appearances and locations for their keyboard shortcut commands and toolbar. In most cases, the command appears as Cut, Copy, and Paste.

Users can use four different toolbars to use simple commands like Cut, Copy and Paste. The toolbars are

  1. Menu
  2. Standard Toolbar
  3. Context Menu
  4. Keyboard Shortcut

Menu: – This bar always displays the edit menu with command keys like Cut, Copy and Paste. Beginners use the mouse to click the Menu Bar that shows the three commands for editing, copying or moving the data within or adjacent file.

The sequence is first you select the data to be copied or moved and then click the edit menu, then click either cut or copy command and then spot the place where it has to be place, then click edit and paste command.

Standard Toolbar: – This toolbar is a collection of shortcut keys that enables a person to click or complete the task. The sequence of standard toolbar is simple, for example, you select a data to be copied or moved then click to cut or copy the data, later on click the spot where the data needs to be placed and then paste the data.

Context Menu: – This toolbar uses the right-click mouse technique to offer commands like cut, copy and paste.

Go ahead, buy Office 2003, and experience the engaging features yourself!

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