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Why 2007 Microsoft Office Word is a Writer’s Best Friend

A writer’s best friend is a pen and paper but that was the old ways. With the existence of computers and the ever dependable Windows Operating System, the new 2007 Microsoft office word should be the best friend of every writer. Writers nowadays enjoy the convenience of using the computer instead of the traditional pen and paper. And for most writers, a word document program that is jam packed with amazing features is a valuable gem and tool that they should not miss out.

Some of the new features that are included in the 2007 Microsoft office word are:

  • SmartArt Diagrams
  • Building Blocks
  • New charting features to create more effective documents
  • Handouts
  • Notes
  • Outlines

Aside from these features, the 2007 Microsoft office word benefits its user by providing the fastest way to find, organize as well as utilize all the text, styles, graphics, as well as themes that every writer needs. The 2007 Microsoft office word combines a wide array of writing tools that has an easy to use interface. As a result it creates a great looking document that creates a good impression.

Good impression in writing is very important. Sometimes a properly laid out document that is appealing to the eyes would attract more readers as compared to documents that are garbled. Many writers find the tools in the 2007 Microsoft office word as a great help especially when they want to stress out some words that would change the tone of what they are writing. For example, if that is word is important, they either put it in bold face or italic. Or if it’s a script, different characters could be expressed through different fonts.

Aside from the features of the word document, the 2007 Microsoft office word is also great for charting, diagramming graphics and provides more styling options as well as gives a better thematic formatting. So making reports in the 2007 Microsoft office word that has charts and diagrams are easier done as compared to older versions. This is very useful for students or teachers or just about anybody who don’t want to go from one application to another jus to have created charts and diagrams on their document.

Adding frequently used content to the documents that you are making is made possible with just a few clicks in the 2007 Microsoft office word version. This is called as the Building Blocks option. Here you can choose from a predefined gallery of cover pages, pull quotes, side bars, headers, footers and other types of content.  You also have the capability to create your own Building Blocks for an easier addition of custom text, like legal disclaimer text or other frequently used materials.

The User Interface function of the 2007 Microsoft office word is another feature that helps writers. What it does is it presents tools in a clear and organized way when you need them. With all these features said, as I writer myself, I can definitely say that the 2007 Microsoft office word is a writer’s best friend.

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