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What are the Available Army Officer Jobs?

There is a wide range of careers that cover army officer jobs, anything from public relations to maintenance.  They may require previous experiences or education, but they can all lead to satisfying careers both in the Army and in the civilian life once military service is complete.

Army officer jobs that are available to qualified candidates include:

  • Administrative support
  • Arts and Media
  • Computers and Technology
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Intelligence and Combat Support
  • Medical and Emergency
  • Transportation and Aviation

Most of these army officer jobs are entry level positions that are open to graduates of the Military Academy, as well as enlisted personnel who graduated from Officer Candidates School.  These jobs are available to both men and women not only in the Army, but also the Army Reserves.  Just like any important jobs, each requires special instructions and training after being commissioned.

Administrative Support, Arts and Media

An army officer’s job as a quartermaster officer is to make certain that all systems, materials, and equipments are available when needed.  Candidates must complete a course where they learn all about the equipments, as well as develop leadership skills.  Civil affairs officer jobs, however, is an example of a non entry level position.  They act as liaisons between civilian authorities in foreign nations and the Army.  The candidates are required to complete a qualification course and learn about the origins of civil affairs, types of missions, and also tactics.

Computers and Technology, Construction and Engineering

A job in the field of technology and construction is called a signal officer.  This army officer job is responsible for installation, integration, operation, and maintenance of equipments used for communication.  A basic course where they learn about tools and equipments they will use must be completed by the candidates.  The army officer job as an engineer officer is in the field of engineering and construction, and perhaps one of the most diverse jobs in the Army.  An undergraduate engineering degree is required and must also complete an officer leadership course.  The Army pays the candidate’s college tuition to attend special schools such as Air Assault, Airborne, Ranger and Sapper.

Intelligence and Combat Support, Medical and Emergency

Intelligence information gathered during missions, and risk assessments are the responsibility of a military intelligence officer.  This army officer job requires the candidates to pass a military intelligence course.  Behavioral sciences, laboratory sciences, medicine science, psychology, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, and health administration services are the specialties for a medical specialist corps officer.  Candidates for this army officer job must already be licensed professionals, and should also complete the officer leadership course.

Transportation and Aviation

This army officer job as a transportation officer is responsible for the movement of troops, supplies, and equipments.  A transportation officer course where they learn about leadership skills, tactics, deploying forces, weapons and vehicles, operating a transportation network, synchronizing distribution, and transporting cargo by sea and air, must all be completed by candidates that are looking into this position.

So which ever army officer job you decide to go for, you must be very well prepared to take on the responsibilities that they come with.

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