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US companies are offering administration office jobs to foreign shores

Administration office jobs are considered to be the most in demand careers of all time. Companies will cease to function without the support of administration office jobs. They are the legs that any company stand on, therefore it can be concluded that they play an important part of the growth of any company or business. No matter how small a company is, there is still a great need for qualified individuals who will take care of the routinely task of administering its back office tasks. Administration office jobs are those very important administrative services that include:

  • Administrative assistants
  • Executive secretaries
  • Medical secretaries
  • Legal secretaries
  • Human resources personnel
  • Payroll officers

Even standalone information technology departments of companies have their own administrative personnel who will ensure the smooth flow of operation. Every department within an organization or company will not survive administration office jobs because employees who are knowledgeable in administration tasks can ensure the smooth flow of its operations. In the United States, since the onslaught of the economic recession, people felt that there are no administration office jobs available anymore from companies located within their area because administration office jobs are being outsourced from offshore outsourcing companies located India, China, Singapore, and the Philippines. The US government, in some point, even felt that they need to put a stop to US companies outsourcing administration office jobs because many Americans are left without jobs thus resulting to very high unemployment rate.

But the trend in hiring administration office professionals is already geared towards outsourcing especially with companies who have depleted funds brought upon by the hard economic conditions. Administration office jobs are very vital in their survival and so they resort to outsourcing talents abroad to maintain their usual business operations. The effect of the economy to hundreds of US businesses and corporations have benefitted the outsourcing industry tremendously. It is a positive trend for the outsourcing industry but gave a negative impact to many administration professionals in the United States.

The administration office jobs are still available in many companies looking to find the qualified candidates form their native soil but the competition is too high because administrative positions are limited because also a great number of American companies have decided to offer their administration office jobs to foreign professionals due to the fact that labor cost is much cheaper and companies do not have to worry about providing outsourcing agents company benefits as they would normally do with professional US citizens. This cost-effective strategy of companies have saved them thousands of dollars, even millions, in the process but the US administration professionals are sacrificed and well, taken for granted. Nevertheless, many still hope that the trend in hiring administrative personnel from foreign shores won’t last and everything will eventually go back to normal once the US economy recovers.

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