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The Way Ability Office Helped the World

During the mid-1990 when the boom in the computer industry is beginning, one company called the Ability Plus Software introduced in the market software called Ability Office. It made life easier for computer user in their line of business. It has become a thing of the past for offices to put everything in to paper and find another room to store it. Gone are the days when you need an hour or two to look up just for a piece of paper.  Environmentalist who advocates on saving trees could not be happier after the release of Ability Office in 1995 since papers used to document every transaction have been significantly decreased. Upon its release, Ability Office is composed of:

  • Word Processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Database
  • Presentation and image editing

It became easier for writers or anyone whose job is to write and prepare documents since the word processor of Ability Office guides them to write a piece of article that is seamless. It enables them to compose a document easier since they will be guided by the software to write in a correct English manner. Whenever you commit mistake while typing your composition, you can easily go back and make the changes. The Ability Office makes you look like a professional writer since there are already existing formats that you can choose from that will put in the letters and words to where they should be. After writing everything that you want to appear on your composition, then Ability Office allows you to print it.

The accounting world was made simpler by Ability Office. Nightmares have now turned in to paradise to all accountants and bookkeepers. They will no longer have to deal with long sheets of paper with tiny rows and columns. The spreadsheet of Ability Office has replicated the look of the accounting paper sheet but has now put in cells where you can put in formulas that will add up automatically according to your command. The developers have also thought about including both letters and numbers to give accountants more characters to work on.

The database that Ability Office is the integrating of related files into one pool. It is now simpler to keep your records and retrieve it anytime since everything can be sorted out using the Ability Office. It is now possible to organize similar files into one category so this will allow you to arrange your files into what you think can help you find your files easier. Secretaries had now seemed more efficient because of the database that is in the Ability Office.

Photographers and graphics designer has now a tool to help them out in editing their pictures images before they print it out. Ability Office allows you now to make some changes out of the original image and would still seem like the image when it was first shot. The men and women of Ability Office have made it sure that they won’t stop in looking for ways to make life easier for all of us.

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