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The Task of the Assesors Office in Estimating your Taxes

Revenues that are generated through taxes are the resources that your city government uses in rendering the basic needs and necessities of your city. It is important that every local government has an efficient way of collecting taxes in order for them to raise needed revenue to carry out services that a city needs. Garbage collection, street lights, maintenance of roads, bridges and the sewerage system are few of the services that the local government is tasked to do.

One particular department that is tasked to raise revenues for the city is the assesors office. Although it is empowered to do a lot of job, their main job is to come up with the computation of real property tax. Real property is defined as a piece of land including all its permanent attachments. The assesors office considers a house, building, gas station, buildings, malls, apartment restaurants and the like as part of the real property. The everyday work in the assesors office is routine and sometimes boring but they understand that somebody has to do it in order to raise funds. Some of the regular tasks in the assesors office are:

  • Inspection of new construction
  • Checking on major improvements being undertaken on an existing structure
  • Updating the inventory of real properties
  • Keeps track of property exemptions
  • Approves property exemptions

For taxation purposes, the assesors office inspects new construction sites so that they can be kept abreast with the present value of a new property. This information is vital for them in computing for the real property tax of a particular property. This administrative function has to be carried out regularly in a regular basis in order to update their records on values of properties that are within the boundaries of the city.

Whenever a person from the assesors office comes to your home, it is because they are there to inspect and assess the true value of your property. They would usually just roam around the periphery of your property but sometimes would need to go inside your house to check for some other things that would make their report more accurate. For security reason, it is  important that the person from the assesors office presents to you a valid ID that will show that indeed he is working in that department

It would sometimes cause an unnecessary hassle for you whenever a person from the assesors office is around, but keep in mind that it is their obligation to make a regular update of your property.  You can always turn them down and asks the inspection to be done on a future appointment. But since the inspection usually just takes 10 minutes of your time to get an equitable assessment of your property, then it is best that you let them in and get over it.

If by any chance your curiosity was aroused by the visit from the assesors office about the true value of your property, you can directly go to your assesors office to give you the details of your property and how is worth in the market today. The assesors office can give a fair estimate of the value of your house and lot.

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