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The Simple but Effective 2007 Office Standard

Almost every year, Microsoft comes up with new and upgraded version of their Office application files. One of the latest versions is the Microsoft Office 2007 which was launched to retail customers on January 30, 2007. Included in this launch is the 2007 Office Standard which had won the hearts of many computer users because of its simplicity yet effective office applications.

Unlike the other versions of the Microsoft Office 2007, the 2007 Office Standard only comes with four applications. Let’s take a look at these applications and their functions:

  • Office Word 2007- is the default word application of the 2007 Office Standard. It’s an upgraded version of the MS Word 2003 filled with additional features that helps users make professional looking documents but can also work with charts and diagrams. The Building Block feature is one of the most useful additions in the Office Word 2007.
  • Office Excel 2007- this is the application that deals with spreadsheets. This is actually the 12th version of the Excel application. Some of its features are calculation, graphing tools, pivot table and a macro programming language called VBA or Visual basic.
  • Office PowerPoint 2007 – this application takes care of the presentation needs of the 2007 Office Standard users. This tool is widely used for work or school presentations. The latest version allows the users to add Wordart and AutoShapes in the slideshows.
  • Office Outlook 2007- this is the default email client of the 2007 Office Standard. One of the cool feature of this email client is the ability of the Outlook 2007 to send text and picture messaged directly from Outlook to Outlook Mobile Service and finally to a mobile phone. It can even forward email messages, contacts, appointments and tasks as text messages.

If you compare it to other versions of the Office 2007 where you could get as many as 14 applications, the 2007 Office Standard only has four. Some may see this as a disadvantage but since it does not offer the other applications that are present in the others. This is most especially true for those advanced computer users that needs more applications on their computer to be able to do more in completing their computing jobs.

However, not every computer users are advanced users and does not need the other features of the other suites of the Office 2007. Some would rather stick with the 2007 Office Standard because although it only has four office applications, it is more than enough to cover the basic needs of computer users. For them, paying extra for applications that you would not use is not practical. Saving money is still a priority for many especially because of what is happening with the current economy.

The 2007 Office Standard can be downloaded online. There are even some free versions that you could use to test if the 2007 Office Standard would work best for you. This is one good way to get to know what the 2007 Office Standard has to offer and why many choose to stay with the simple yet effective application.

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