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The significance of back office operations in the growth and success of a business.

Back office is a fundamental part of the entire operation of every business or corporation.  The speed and capabilities of the people handling and managing the tasks of the back office tremendously contributes to the expansion and growth of any corporation in operation.  For any companies to last in the business arena for years would highly be unlikely without the support of an efficient back office.  But what is a back office and why is this necessary for companies to survive?

Most of the company operations take place in the back office department.  The front office consists of a staff that customers and clients deal with directly; while researching, manufacturing, product development, administration/human resource tasks, payroll, as well as the information technology department that is responsible for internet presence and maintaining technical equipments are responsibilities that the back office deals with.  Believe it or not, back office is seldom recognized and the employees performing these duties usually only get paid the minimum amount though they are main contributors for the stability and growth of any business organizations.

Tasks of the back office are usually sustained by a back office system that assists in keeping company records organized such as client and customer transactions, sales, purchases, and updating inventory.  The production of invoice creation, reports, and receipts which are made possible by using technical infrastructures such as servers and computers are also included.

Banking, for example, are mostly dependent on information technology processing systems which are responsible for position keeping, financial settlements, deposit clearances, and many other banking transactions.  For investment companies, however, the back office usually handles administrative tasks that support the trading of:

  • Securities
  • Keeping records
  • Confirmation of trades
  • Investment regulation compliance

The back office plays a vital part for any sales business that takes account of fulfilling customer orders from delivery of products to customer service support after sales transactions, which is often referred to as “call centers.”  More and more companies have decided to outsource their customer service department to offshore outsourcing companies that provides manpower and operations for customer support at a more reasonable cost, due to the present situation of the economy.

The back office can be found within the location of the corporation’s headquarters, but are often situated in other branches, states, or even in foreign lands where labor is less expensive.  Operations of the back office can be further developed by using automated tools like back office software that is sold in large numbers of features and forms.  Identifying a company’s back office needs is a smart move.  However way a corporation manages its operations, the major deciding force for the failure or success of any business is the back office.

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