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The role of the Attorney General’s Office in the United States Federal Government

The Attorney General’s Office plays a very important role in the helping the Federal Government of the United States of America guard and implement its judicial laws and common laws. The attorney general is a member of the Cabinet of the United States. The appointed one who performs his or her vital government tasks in the Attorney General’s Office including:

  • Being the head of the Department of Justice of the United States
  • Being the appointed official lawyer of the government
  • Being the chief law enforcement officer of the Federal Government

The Attorney General’s Office is often involved with the affairs of various law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, Internal Affairs and other similar organizations in the government.

The Attorney General’s Office is somehow not identified with the Solicitor General that represents the United States government before the Supreme Court of the Department of Justice although in some cases, the Attorney General may opt to represent the federal government himself instead of the Solicitor General before the Supreme Court. This responsibility is totally optional and it is in the decision of the appointed Attorney General to involve the Attorney General’s Office in such government and justice affairs.

The 50 states of the Federal Government of the United States have their own Attorney General’s Office as well that has the responsibility similar to the United States Attorney General. The Attorney General of each state represents the state to the US government as a whole and they come together every time the need arises either issues concerning the economy or security of the country as a whole. The process of choosing an individual attorney general for each state happens through popular election which is totally different with the choosing of the United States Attorney General who is appointed solely by the President of the United States. Although in some cases, a state’s Attorney General’s Office is created by the state’s governor, or through the states legislation or the decision of the Supreme Court.

The Attorney General’s Office plays a major role in the implementation of the justice system of the United States and its 50 states and in leading the law enforcement departments and organizations countrywide and statewide. The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the Attorney General’s Office and its function and responsibilities have evolved throughout the years into something extraordinarily huge –law and order of the Federal Government. If so needed, the attorney general represents the United States in legal matters in general and also provides advice and solutions to the heads of the executive departments of the US government especially to the President. The Attorney General’s Office for many years has served as the central agency for the implementation of the federal laws.

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