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The job of a business development officer.

As businesses develop, they must interact with their clients appropriately in order to maintain a high client base contributing to a high input and output. The main priority of a business development officer is to assist in maintaining that high client base that pretty much depicts the success of the business. The tasks of the officer are to develop various products, services, and incentives to create more business for the company. The main target group for the officer is typically the higher profile companies as well as the main merchant market and the companies that provide potential growth for the company through marketing internally.

A business development officer will generally need a graduate degree and a certain level of experience for the jobs with most potential. There will most likely be a competency test to ensure you have the basic knowledge of the day to day responsibilities of a development officer and the appropriate processes to complete common tasks. There will also likely be training upon beginning employment to lay out the functions and tasks of the specific employing company. Once employment begins, there is no limit to the growth within the industry. There are various positions constantly offered as a development officer is a very essential element of any company’s team.

When a company starts up or decides to expand, a business development officer is a main component of the operations. The development officer will create and develop specific plans that will target the most important players in the business market. For instance, a banking development officer will develop various loans, deposit account, and other services that will target businesses and clients that will contribute to a networking of a larger client base ensuring prosperity and future relations. A development officer may also be responsible for performing several managerial functions over specific departments concerning the recruitment of clientele. Monitoring the networking and marketing efforts of the company, the development officer will generally provide the main element of growing a business.

The business development officer provides an essential element to the initial business plan. Targeting clients that offer long-term and high input business to the company as well as the potential to provide an internal portal for further business with other clients, the development officer provides a company with a large basis of its total business activity. The development officer will also assist in providing monitoring for the ongoing processes within the appropriate department ensuring the company maintains the client growth. Business development officers frequently undergo training to ensure they are fully updated at all times on business operations and current services and/or products allowing them to maintain appropriate development of various marketing offers. The job of a development officer is very rewarding and offers a large potential for career advancement as experience is increased. 

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