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The Broward Sheriff’s Office against a community of crime.

One of the most important functions of the Broward Sheriff’s office is crime containment and inmate detention and community control. This includes arresting offenders, housing inmates, and administering different types of community control punishments such as house arrest and home detention. The sheriff’s office also monitors community service work through the department in order to maintain the appearance of the county while administering corrective processes. The sheriff’s office houses many inmates and arrests a high volume of criminals each year, adding to the safety of Broward County’s streets.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office operates and maintains the 12th largest local jail system in the U.S. and is currently the second largest local jail system to earn national accreditation from the CAC. This is a big honor as many jail systems these days are overrun and maintained poorly barely meeting accreditation standards. The BSO actually oversees 5 large jails within Broward County contributing to Broward County’s crime prevention to its fullest capabilities. There are two special teams that are utilized by the sheriff’s office of Broward County: Emergency Response Team and Security Threat Group. These teams assist the BSO in maintaining order and security as well as safety for inmates and correctional officers within the jailing facilities.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office does offer an inmate work program only to non-violent criminals and low-risk criminals. First time offenders or jailers usually benefit from these services as does the community by saving approximately $1.2 million per year in community maintenance labor costs. For those offenders that are not quite needing the full correctional treatment of jail, there are community control programs that are available to basically achieve the same outcome with less serious criminals with less serious charges. These community control programs are all overseen and administered by the sheriff’s office with regards to public safety. These programs are offered as an alternative to jail, but are probationary as any offender can be sent to jail in the event that they violate their community control program.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office values public safety and community productivity, preventing crime and taking justice against criminals. Instead of throwing criminals into a justice system that doesn’t work, the sheriff’s office operates top rated jailing systems that are intended to create a safe and secure environment that rehabilitates inmates while housing. The re-entry programs offered are comprehensive and work with inmates that are re-entering society. Providing skill learning during jailing, inmates are able to re-enter the work with skills to assist them in being successful and crime free. The BSO maintains vigorous community service programs that are intended to keep offenders from making negative choice losing time they could have to be with loved ones. The programs provided by the BSO serve offenders and the community alike by creating a standard in justice within Broward County.

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