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The assistant office manager job requires an individual to be able to handle several jobs, duties, and responsibilities. That is why it is important to posses other skills and personal trait to help succeed in this job.

Proper training is always available that will teach you just about everything you need to know on how to succeed on the assistant office manager job.  But there are also a few other skills that one should posses:

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Recruiting and Training
  • Friendly and Outgoing
  • Attentive


An assistant office manager job will require you to supervise several people in addition to dealing with general complaints, or even schedule changes that occur at the last minute.  Assistant office manager jobs are considered to be leaders and should signify themselves as well as their company by playing the part as a role model to those who are reporting to them.


Having the assistant office manager job, there will probably be more than a million and one tasks happening all at the same time and everyone is expecting that you have it all under control and done for them.  The ability to keep focused during chaotic times and being able to assign tasks to employees will surely keep the business running smoothly.

Recruiting and Training

Recruiting and interviewing the best people to staff the business, as well as ensuring that these new employees have a smooth transition into their new jobs, are also the responsibility and part of the assistant office manager job.  You should also be able to train and provide any assistance necessary to any employees who may have difficulties acquiring new skills.

Friendly and Outgoing

Customer service and people skills are definitely a must for an assistant office manager job.  This job will not only require you to interact with employees every day, but even assist customers or clients if ever they have any questions, complaints, and concerns regarding anything that may be affiliated with the company or products.  This means that putting on a happy face and addressing customer/client issues in a very professional manner may also be required of you.

Staying Attentive

An assistant office manager job is not a position where you can just sit back and relax, and even forget about those that surrounds you.  Assistant office managers need to be attentive towards your employees by encouraging them to improve and succeed.  Though there will be times when business is slow, it is important to keep your staff/employees in high spirits and assist clients and customers as much as possible.

The amount of hours the assistant office manager job requires varies and depends on the location, most people in this position are required and expected to work a full 40 hour schedule on a weekly basis.  This also includes the need to be available during nights, weekends, and even holidays are often required.

Work attires also vary depending on the company.  Some organizations may require their assistant office managers to wear company issued uniforms, but it is necessary for management to be aware of the company’s dress code.  Since you are setting the standard for your employees, it is much better to dress up than dress down.

The assistant office manager job involves handling tremendous responsibilities, and having the skills mentioned above, along with your irresistible charm, will definitely help you to become an efficient assistant office manager and soon be on your way further to the top.

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