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The 2004 Microsoft Office suite is Invaluable Software for MAC Users

Company Microsoft has been able to conquer the world of non-Windows user through the creation and release of the 2004 Microsoft Office suite version. The 2004 Microsoft Office was developed by Microsoft for MAC users – people using the MAC OS X operating system by Apple. This 2004 Microsoft Office software was originally created for such users with Intel CPUs.  This version of the Microsoft Office suite has been replaced by the enhanced Microsoft Office 2008 which includes support to MAC users up to year 2012.

The 2004 Microsoft Office, also known as 2004 Microsoft Office for MAC, was released in three editions –the Standard Edition, the Professional Edition and the Student & Teacher Edition. Only the Professional Edition has the Virtual PC application that allows virtualization for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The only flaw about the Student & Teacher Edition is that it cannot be upgraded to later versions. A new package must be bought if a new version of the edition is released in the market.

The 2004 Microsoft Office for MAC has the following features:

  • Word 2004
  • Excel 2004
  • Entourage 2004
  • PowerPoint 2004
  • Virtual PC

The 2004 Microsoft Office is indeed invaluable software for all MAC users because they can enjoy the user-friendly features and application that Microsoft is known for and became famous for. The major features that MAC users find very useful start with MS Word that is being used by a majority of computer users for various tasks. Another useful feature of the 2004 Microsoft Office to MAC users is the MS Excel application for creating spreadsheets that are widely used and accepted by the majority of individuals and businesses.

It has become the standard for spreadsheet programs that every competitor should live up to. The MS Entourage application of the 2004 Microsoft Office is an email application that features a calendar, address book, tasks list and project manager. This application provides convenience in communication through emails and organizing projects within or outside the application.

The MS PowerPoint application of the 2004 Microsoft Office is also a universal standard for creating business presentations that MAC users are happy to have because movies, videos, sounds and music can easily be incorporated to slideshow presentations.

The 2004 Microsoft Office still has some issues about displaying images incorrectly to various platforms with the use of either cut and paste or drag and drop. It displays incorrectly or sometimes broken when MS Word or MS PowerPoint files are opened in other machines operating with Windows system.

Even the 2008 Microsoft Office for MAC has the same problem and there is no solution that has been provided by Microsoft yet. Nevertheless, the 2004 Microsoft Office can never be denied that it opened the doors to MAC users to experience the convenient and helpful programs and applications of Microsoft and has increased their reach to many Windows users who are still bigger than MAC users as far as numbers of users are concerned.

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