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Taking a look closer at the Attorney Generals Office

The Attorney Generals Office is one of the leadership offices of the Federal Government of the United States with many executive offices and law enforcement agencies under it. The Attorney Generals Office responsibilities cover the legal affairs and enforcement of the nation and state laws in general. The US attorney general is the top lawyer of the Federal government and a member of the Cabinet of the US President. Although a member of the Federal Cabinet, the Attorney Generals Office is the only office that is not given the title Secretary of the government.

The attorney general of the United States is elected by the United States President and takes office right the Senate has been confirmed. On the other hand, the attorney general in each of the state of US is appointed through popular election or by the Supreme Court. Attorneys general perform their duties and task in the Attorney Generals Office. The US attorney general can be removed by the President of the United States at any time he or she sees fit. Although the Attorney Generals Office is regarded as one of the highest and most powerful leadership offices in within the Federal government, the attorney general can also be subjected to impeachment and fair trial in the Senate for crimes like:

  • Treason
  • Bribery
  • Other High Crimes
  • Misdemeanors

The Attorney Generals Office was created by the US Congess with the power of the Judiciary Act of 1789. The duties of the Attorney Generals Office in the beginning are to represent the President of the United States before the Supreme Court and to give advice, opinion and question pertaining to the welfare of the law and the government. It was only in 1870 that the Department of Justice established the support of the Attorney Generals Office in matters concerning the law in general and its enforcements. When the Interstate Commerce Act in 1887 was passed in US Congress, the Attorney Generals Office acquired the power to take on some law enforcement responsibilities fortified with the power bestowed by the Department of Justice to carry out these duties.

The Attorney Generals Office holds much power and authority that in the year 2008, several current and former assistant attorneys were discovered engaging in unlawful and criminal acts such as involvement in prostitution rings, sexual abuse of children, sexual battery. The Department of Justice then established another leadership office called the Office of Professional Responsibility or OPR that investigates attorney of the Office of the Attorneys General who have been accused of misconduct.

In February 3, 2009, Eric Bolden, a native of New York City, was sworn into office as the 82nd Attorney General of the Federal Government of the United States by Vice President Joe Biden. Attorney Bolden is currently the US Attorney General.

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