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Post Office Address Change

So you are moving and you know you have tons of mail that needs to follow after you and an address change post office is necessary. There really is no reason to worry because the answer has always been here just for this occasion. All you need to get your mail headed in the right direction is an address change post office form to inform the post office that your mailing address has changed therefore they need to direct your mail appropriately. The change may take a couple days, but if done directly in the post office, shouldn’t take more than a couple days if that.

When getting the address change post office form or card, whichever your local post office provides, you can ask your postal delivery carrier or call the post office and inform them you will need the form. They may ask for your information then to get the information started through the system to speed up the overall process, but many will just send you the card to turn in to the mail carrier or bring into the post office directly. Remembering to fill out the card or form as soon as you receive it is essential to getting the address change under way before you miss some mail.

You never know exactly what you will be receiving in the mail which is why it is important to get the address change post office form or card as soon as you decide to move and find out your new address. Setting up the change to occur the day you move is the most convenient. If you don’t get the chance, you can always use this technique to keep all your mail in the right place. First you will stop your mail for as long as it will take for the address change to take effect. When giving the directions for sending the held mail, you will inform them to send to the new address or to hold in office until picked up. By the time the mailing address change goes through, you will not have missed any mail and you will be receiving all your mail at the right residence.

Protecting your mail should be a top priority. Never wait too long to get your address change post office form or card as this will be the only way your mail will get sent to the right address. If you wait too long, some of the mail may not ever get to the right place as there are some nosy people out there that disregard the law and open your mail or even toss it. When this occurs it can cause a great inconvenience involving tracking down mail and replacing what was lost.

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