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Know the 8 editions of the 2007 Microsoft Office

The year 1990 was a major breakthrough for Microsoft and throughout the years, the Microsoft Office has undergone some major upgrades. We saw a lot of versions of the Microsoft Office with many new features every time. 2007 Microsoft Office is by far the MS version that has the most number of editions when it was released in the market.

There are a few requirements before you can install the 2007 Microsoft Office. You should check operating system to guarantee installation of the 2007 Microsoft Office. If you are currently using earlier versions such as the Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Office 2004, you can easily upgrade to 2007 Microsoft Office. You have to make sure that your system has a Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1, Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher versions of the Windows operating system such as Windows Vista.

So what are the most amazing features introduced in the 2007 Microsoft Office? Computer tasking has been made extra user-friendly for many users for all levels from students to professionals with the 2007 Microsoft Office. The graphical user interface such as the new menus and tabbed toolbars have made the task easier and more fun.

The new applications and other user-friendly features and tools made the 2007 Microsoft Office better than its earlier versions because of its flexibility and convenience in many ways although some features like the speech recognition and handwriting recognition are not included in any of its editions. You can still enjoy these missing features if you are using Windows Vista though.

Small businesses find the 2007 Microsoft Office version very useful with its Small Business edition because it includes new tools in helping business owners save time by easily creating business documents, spreadsheets and business presentations. It also has various tools in organizing business operations as a whole such as customer-based activities. It also has extra security features that protect the activity of businesses on the internet and their systems.

The 2007 Microsoft Office also gives professionals the competitive advantage through the Microsoft Office Professional edition which is a complete database and productivity software. This edition is very effective in helping professionals save time by being completely organized and by creating easy to use database creation tools without the need of a specialized staff that will handle such, thus it helps professionals save money with the use of this edition of the 2007 Microsoft Office. Handling your business affairs with any of these two editions is easier and hassle-free. Students, on the other hand, appreciate the Home and Student edition with its easy, fun, helpful interface.

The other editions of the 2007 Microsoft Office are:

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student
  • Microsoft Office Basic
  • Microsoft Office Standard
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office Ultimate

You can easily upgrade or download these 8 amazing editions of the 2007 Microsoft Office from the internet for a free trial run before buying online. Go for the trial versions first before buying so that you can check what edition suits you and your needs best.

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