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Getting to Know the Components of the 2002 Microsoft Office

The 2002 Microsoft Office is the successor of the Office 2000. It is also known as Office 10 during the beginning stages of its creation. Some also call it as Office XP because it was created, released and combined with Windows XP. Although it was popularly known as Office XP, that’s not to say that the 2002 Microsoft Office only works with Windows XP. It is compatible with other operating systems except for the Windows 95.

The 2002 Microsoft Office has 9 components. Let’s get to know each one of these components and their functions. But first here is a complete list of its components:

  • Word 2002
  • Excel 2002
  • Outlook 2002
  • PowerPoint 2002
  • Publisher 2002
  • Access 2002
  • FrontPage 2002
  • Project 2002
  • Visio 2002

The Word 2002 was released in 2001 and has similar function and feature with the Word 2000 but has upgrades and new features. This version of Word from the 2002 Microsoft Office introduced the Task Panes feature. This provided faster control and information from Microsoft Word that can only be accessed with modal dialog boxes before.

Excel 2002 is actually the version 10 of the Microsoft Office Excel. The 2002 Microsoft Office excel also has a counterpart version for Apple Macintosh which is known as Office v.X or Excel 10.0. This version could handle 65K (2^16=65536) rows and 256 columns (2^8 as label ‘IV’) on its worksheet.

The default email client of the 2002 Microsoft Office is the Outlook 2002. It does not only serve as a program that helps you manage your email but it can also serve as a personal digital organizer as you can find great feature to go with it. Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, Note Taking, journal as well as Web Browsing are the additional features.

The presentation program of the 2002 Microsoft Office is the PowerPoint 2002 while the Publisher 2002 is the desktop publishing application of Office XP. The PowerPoint 2002 is available in the Standard Suite but is missing on the Small Business Suite of the 2002 Microsoft Office. On the other hand the Publisher 2002 is available in the Small Business Suite but not on the Standard Suite.

The answer to simple database solutions is the Access 2002. Here you can share files and update it on a network without overwriting the work of the other. But if you want to use a WYSIWIG HTML Editor then you will be pleased with the FrontPage 2002. A helpful tool for budgeting is the Projects 2002 while the Visio 2002 is for creating diagrams.

The 2002 Microsoft Office came up with amazing features such as Safe Mode, Smart Tag, Product Activation, Speech and Handwriting Recognition, Text Services Framework, Clip Board and Task Panes. These features made the 2002 Microsoft Office more user-friendly and more marketable than the other versions. Although Microsoft had ended their mainstream support for the Office 10, they will still be offering extended support until July 12, 2011.

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