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Get to Know XML by the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade

One of the advantages of the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade is the integration of XML. In fact it is the first office version that had introduced and gave support to the XML feature. XML or extensible Mark-up Language is the language that the internet understands. It’s a useful tool that makes documents useful in the internet.

One great thing about using XML that is built in the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade is that you can conveniently save your Word and Excel documents as native XML files. As a result, it provides a big improvement as far as data-handling and data-analysis capability. Opening and editing documents in the XML format is certain spreadsheets and databases became easier.

You can also make visual presentations with charts that has the ability to instantly update if there is a new data or when it comes available.  Importing and exporting data in different accounting programs and applications became easier as well because most of these programs are XML enabled. This gives the user the opportunity for more streamlined reporting. And this all because of the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade.

Ever since the introduction of the XML in the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade, several versions came to rise. They include the following:

  • XML 1.0- currently in its 5th edition. This version is highly recommended for general use. In fact it is widely implemented for all the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade users.
  • XML1.1- this version only have two editions for now. According to some, this version was created to make XML easier to use but for some reason, it is not widely recommended for use.

The 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade has several editions as well which all has XML capabilities. The most recommended edition is the Professional edition in the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade because the XML software in this edition is way better in terms of robustness. The Professional edition also boasts of more customizable XML software as compared to the software of the Standard Edition and the Small Business editions.

The Professional edition of the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade also features support for IRM. Information Rights Management or IRM is a great security function that protects the intellectual property of the user. One thing that you should remember is that the IRM needs to run on a Windows Server to work. You also have to purchase the IRM service separately.

A good example where you can use the IRM service is when you are using the Outlook of the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade. Here you can protect an email message by stopping recipients from copying, forwarding, or even printing the email. Plus you also have the ability to encrypt. It is also useful in Word and Excel documents because unauthorized users will not be able to do any job on the documents.  

XML is just one of the advantages of the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade, and for this feature alone, leaving the outdated version of Microsoft office is worth it. There may be an extra expense on the 2003 Microsoft Office Upgrade but that’s just a small fee compared to the rewards that you will get.

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