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Get that Password with Accent Office Password Recovery!

Don’t you just hate it when you have a file that needs to be accessed right away and you cannot open it because of a forgotten or lost password? Although a lot of people vowed not to lose or forget their passwords, sometimes with a lot of things going on our minds, tendency is we forget the passwords that we need to open Microsoft Office documents. If you find yourself in this situation then the Accent Office password recovery will save you from banging your head just to remember that password.

The Accent Office password recovery has been getting a lot of favorable reviews online. In fact some would even say that the Accent Office password recovery is probably the best password recovery software and is the solution for lost or forgotten passwords to Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets and Access databases 95-2007. In particular the Accent Office password recovery can recover the following:

  • Password to edit in Word and Excel
  • Passwords to Excel spreadsheets,
  • Passwords to edit MS Access databases
  • Office VBA passwords (Access VBA, Excel VBA or Word VBA)

Many users say that the Accent Office password recovery is the best for accessing password protected Microsoft Document because of its high search speed, flexibility in settings and the ease of operation. Compared to other password recovery software, the Accent Office password recovery can crack and find out the missing password on the document at seven times faster than other software. This saves you time which you can devote to other worthwhile activities.

The one drawback of the Accent Office password recovery is that the documents created in Microsoft Office 2007 are only supported in Office 97-2003 compatibility mode. This poses a big question to many if this software is really reliable as many computer users nowadays use the Office 2007 and most especially the MS Office Word 2007 for their document files.

There are three ways for the Accent Office password recovery to recover your lost or forgotten password. The first one is through a brute force attack. The second one is the brute force attack with mask. And lastly it is recovering passwords through advanced options while attacking using a dictionary. What it does is allows you to search several dictionaries one by one for the password. It can also transform passwords from the dictionary and add digits to them to be able to crack the document or get the password.

You don’t have to be a computer genius to understand the instructions of the Accent Office password recovery. As I said it so easy to use end even have a step by step tutorial guide for new users. It will also ask you some leading questions and explanations for you to remember the password. With the Accent Office password recovery, cracking your old or lost password is as easy as 123. It’s software that you need to have on your computer so you won’t have excuses of forgetting the password all over again.

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