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Get that Armed Security Officer Job

An armed security officer job pays quite well and can be very rewarding so long as you are interested in the profession that you are doing.  In this line of work, you are generally dealing with situations which are dangerous enough to require the use of firearms in maintaining security.  A certain amount of experience must be built and gaining the necessary certification and training in order to apply for an armed security officer job.

Here are some tips and guidelines on how increase your chances of getting the job:

  • Step 1
    Gaining experience in the security industry is a must.  It is very important that you have other experiences in working on security contracts and as a security officer for as many places as possible, before trying to get an armed security officer job.  It is possible to get hired as an unarmed security officer/guard without much previous security industry experience, by accepting this line of work; you will gain experience and acquire more knowledge about this profession making yourself more eye-catching when applying for an armed security officer job.
  • Step 2
    Once you have gained adequate security officer experience, the next step should be to apply to get armed security officer/guard training and certification.  Training will vary depending on which state you wish to become certified as an armed security officer in.  Local regulations should be checked to find out the exact procedure for becoming an armed security officer, however, most states have a course that is required of all armed security officers.  These courses to become a security officer who will also help you land an armed security officer job are made available online.
  • Step 3
    Taking the 47 Hour Firearm Course is also a must.  By taking this course, you will then be allowed to carry firearms while working at any armed security officer job.  The 47 Hour Firearm course includes classroom time, time with a firearm, as well as a written examination.  Once you have completed the security officer certification along with the firearms course, you will be ready to apply for an armed security officer job.
  • Step 4
    Since all the requirements have been completed and you feel ready to take on an armed security officer job, all which is left for you to do is to apply to a variety of companies hiring armed security officers.  Sending out as many applications as possible is the most ideal thing to do.  This will further increase your chances of being hired for an armed security officer job.

Security can also be classified as either of the following:

  • Contract – this is for security personnel that are working for a private security company which protects many locations.
  • “Private Police Officers”, “Public Security”, or security police
  • “Proprietary” or “In-House” – this refers to you if you are employed by the same company/organization you protect, such as theme parks, malls, or casino.
  • Parapolice – very aggressive firms that engages in criminal investigations and arrests regularly.
  • Private Patrol Officers – these are vehicle patrol officers that protect multiple client premises.

As long as you’ve done everything on this guideline and believe that this is the job for you, then you are exactly what companies will be looking for to fill the armed security officer job.

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