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Get Comfortable with All Office Furniture

In 1978, All Office Furniture was established and had been known for ergonomically designed office furniture. Standing the test of time, All Office furniture is still one of the leading manufacturers of quality office furniture. You can count in this company for providing you a complete design of office systems that had your specific needs in mind. Here is a list of products that All Office Furniture offer:

  • Seating
  • Desking
  • Board room
  • Conference room
  • Reception and pause area
  • Bulk Storage
  • Screens and Accessories
  • Steel

What caught my attention with All Office Furniture is the fact that they offer a 5 year guarantee on their products.  For a company who are confident to say that, it only means that they believe in their product to stand the test of time because of the quality that they invest in every product. I have heard of other furniture companies offering a one year limited warranty or guarantee which I think is the standard but it’s really hard to find a company that can offer 5 years guarantee.

At All Office furniture, they just don’t design and make furniture that looks good or that only passes the aesthetic value in an office. But the All Office Furniture makes it a point that every furniture that they make is ergonomically designed for you and your employees comfort. Having ergonomically designed furniture are very important in a work place. Since the science of ergonomic is all about providing comfort, applying it to your work place would ensure higher productivity.

It has been proven that employees who are comfortable in their work place are more productive in their jobs. As an employer, it is also your job to provide your employees the best working condition as possible. It is also your way of showing them that you care about their comfort. By doing so, your company will be rewarded with increased productivity. And that all starts with choosing the right office furniture from All office furniture.

You will also notice that All Office furniture caters to a list of clients that has big names with a lot of office workers. For me, this is yet another good sign as it only shows how driven and dedicated is All office furniture in giving quality products that such big companies trust them with their office furniture needs. Some of the companies they cater to are Absa Capital, Alexander Forbes, Auto & General Hotline, Clicks, B.P, De Beers, Deloitte & Touche, J P Morgan, Metropolitan Life, Microsoft, Nedcor, Old Mutual, Oracle, Shell, Truworths and Woolworths.

So if you are planning to shop around for office furniture that would relay speak for your employees needs, you can turn to All Office furniture and you can never go wrong.

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