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Get a Bush Furniture office in an hour for your office.

How often have we ordered furniture, only for it to arrive in several boxes with parts that look alien to us? Assembling can be such a torturous job that we often make mistakes and end up with drawers that don’t belong or the top of the desk on the side or even bottom! Even the best of us have had screws come up missing and an extra limb here or there. Getting a professional to assemble the office furniture for us costs an arm and a leg and defeats the purpose of the initial bargain. Well, Bush Furniture office in an hour sets are now available to provide the solution to this problem.

Assembling your own office furniture should not consist of an extra dent in your wallet, nor major hair loss and Bush Furniture office in an hour sets were created understanding this. You don’t have to sacrifice taste either to purchase an office in an hour. Many of you may be imagining some plastic or particle board mess that looks cheap and sloppy, but this is not the case. Bush Furniture offers a very simple, yet durable design that will turn any room into an instant office, yes even in an hour. The actual furniture will resemble a simple cubicle office design, but price and convenience dominates the overall option.

Offering durable melamine for the surface of the desk provides a stain and scratch resistant surface that will stand the test of time. The overall Bush Furniture office in an hour comprises of a metal frame and padded, two-tone fabric covered panels. You actually have the option to purchase in a basic shape, L-shape, or U-shape work stations each providing separate benefits and privacy. The choice should be based on your personal taste, or when purchasing for employees in a large office, should be made incorporating privacy and spacing for each employee. You want to ensure each employee has adequate room and privacy to work most productively without having to deal with uncomfortable work settings.

When you purchase the Bush Furniture office in an hour sets, Bush Furniture will also offer a storage/accessory kit to complete the overall work station. Comprised of:

  • 3 drawer file
  • Hutch
  • Pencil/pen holder

All extra pieces within the kit will come already assembled for better convenience, and the kit can be ordered with the office in an hour or separately. Purchasing the office set you choose can be done through email, by calling the 1-800 number or even by visiting retailers that offer the furniture. To find the best option for you, visiting the Bush Furniture website will bring you to a web page full of retailers offering the furniture or can receive a special order for your purchase and pick up.

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