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Follow the right steps to becoming a police officer.

Becoming a police officer is a great choice to make when you are really into helping people and bettering your community. Being a police officer gives you a powerful voice within your community and surrounding areas allowing you to make changes for a better future for the community. When you follow the right steps, you can be a very successful police officer resulting in many years in law enforcement keeping crime down and your neighbors and loved ones safe. Whether you make the choice to go back to school or not, you will surely get a great feeling from donning the badge every day.

The first step to becoming a police officer is getting an education of some sort. You will definitely at least need a high school diploma or G.E.D. so if you haven’t received yours yet, this will be your first move. If you are seeking your G.E.D., your local community college is a great place to look. You can usually choose from taking night or day classes in G.E.D. preparation or you can just take the test straight out, either way, this is an essential step to becoming a police officer.

Once you have obtained your high school diploma or G.E.D., the next step is to seek a secondary education. Taking an associate or bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice is a great step to getting a great opportunity for advancement in becoming a police officer. If you opt to go directly from high school or the G.E.D. to applying at a department, this would be a step for growth after you have become a police officer. If you choose to continue your education before applying, you will enter the force with a great wealth of information at your reins. Some departments may even require you to have a degree before applying which is something to consider.

The obvious next step is to apply at your desired police department. Once you apply, you will most likely complete the civil service exam which will test your skills at this point. You will also undergo a physical that will make sure you are in the right physical shape to endure the tasks of a police officer. Becoming a police officer will involve completing training at a police academy which is the next step.

The final step to becoming a police officer is to complete training at the appropriate police academy. The department you apply to will likely send you to a specific academy based on your geographical area usually in the capital city of the state you are in. Completing the training will consist of learning skills and practices as well as proper technique for use as an active officer.

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