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Everything You Need to Know about Alameda County Assessor’s Office

Alameda County is a county in California. Most of the east bay region of the San Francisco Bay area belongs to this county. Many choose to invest in real estate in Alameda County because of the different activities and attractions that surrounds the area. And if you are planning to invest in real estate then we suggest you visit the Alameda County assessor’s office for assistance regarding the property assessment process and assessment information on specific properties.

The Alameda County assessor’s office is located at 1221 Oak Street, Room 145
Oakland 94612.  You can call them at
(510) 272-3787 or send them a fax at (510) 272-3803. The services provided at the Alameda County assessor’s office are:

  • Assessor Map
  • Parcel combines
  • Property Ownership Information
  • Review Due to Decline in Value
  • Help with paying Taxes

If you don’t have the time to visit the Alameda County assessor’s office, then you can visit their website. This will save you time on driving around town just to get some information on the Alameda County assessor’s office. Almost all vital information can be found on the site including some forms that you need. All you need is download these forms and print it out from the website and it is as good as the one from the office.

The hours of operation for Alameda County assessor’s office are from 8:30- 5:00 Pm and that’s from Monday to Fridays except on holidays. Their website however is available for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It’s a convenient way to get the information that you need even after office hours. We all get busy sometimes and for most that need to get in touch with the Alameda County assessor’s office after office hours can use the website for research or contact information.

One of the services that they offer is help with paying taxes. Not everybody is eligible for this service. Basically the help they will be providing is to find a way for property tax postponement so that you can have that extra time to save up and pay for property tax. For you to avail of this special service you have to meet at least one of their requirements. And these requirements are:

  • You have to be blind
  • Disabled
  • 62 years of age or older
  • Have an annual income of $24,000 or less

Getting ownership information is available free of charge when you visit the Alameda County assessor’s office. You can go to the public records section during normal business hours to get the information that you need. This is a good way to track down if somebody owns the real estate that others are selling to you. Although an unlikely event, it really does happen.

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