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Defend your Country and Be an Air Force Officer

Starting a career in the military seemed to be a good option for graduating high school students. It will bring them a stable job and have the opportunity to serve our nation. It has been the pride of every family to have one family member serving in the military. And if you are really inclined to join the military, one can join any of the armed services which are the air force, navy, army, marine corps or coast guard. In today’s battles, supremacy in air space holds the key in wining the battle. So if you want to be part of this branch of the armed forces and become an air force officer, you have to seriously consider these steps:

  • Research on different paths
  • verify requirements of eligibility
  • Choose the right college for you
  • Be physically fit
  • Find ways to forward your application form

Before becoming an air force officer, be sure that you make a tedious research on the different fields that the air force offers. You must be sure to ask your heart what line of work you will be enjoying. Contrary to common belief, not all air force officers are pilots. If you think you will enjoy to work as a space and missile officer, a navigator or an engineer, then you can still pursue your career and become an air force officer. What is important is that you know where your talent will be of great help.

There are three basic requirements that you have to meet. You must be at least 18 years old; you have to pass the stringent medical exam and pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test.  It will not get you pass the next stage if one of this basic requirements are not met.

Make sure that you attend a college that put premium on majors that is very important to become an air force officer. All applicants that are eyeing to become an air force officer should show strong knowledge in both science and math. So make sure to attend college or university that is regarded to provide good education centered on math and science.

Prepare yourself with the strenuous physical training before becoming an air force officer. Make sure that you are at your best shape all the time. This is important and actually a requirement in every field of the armed forces since their main job is to defend our country. You have to be sure not to miss your everyday work out to achieve your optimum strength.

Application form can be downloaded online and can be mailed but to be sure that your application form to become an air force officer goes to the hands who will be reviewing it, you can do online application to air force website. Make sure that you follow the directions correctly and everything is filled out to avoid any delays on your application.

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