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Competition between rights: the British Office and the U.S. Office.

As the U.S. has taken a great idea from the UK and created The Office U.S., many are debating whether or not The British Office is better. Of course there are loyal viewers that have automatically sided for the UK version; however, there are some saying that the U.S. version has surpassed the UK with laughs and interesting script. There is a tie up however whether Gervais or Carell is the funnier, but many votes are swayed towards Gervais’ unique sense of humor and often aloofness that is in a world of its own, but hey, Carell is great too.

The Brittis Office is actually the original and thus can pull some reins with originality and uniqueness. Gervais pretty much is the office manager and the employees basically treat him as such and there are some unique little scenes that go on which really depict the normal day in a British Office full of some different characters. There is office romance, and wanted office romance, and there are some ideas by Gervais that make absolutely no sense, such as celebrating an employee birthday a month early because there wasn’t anything fun to do that month. Really the idea of the show is to depict Gervais as a type of off brand manager that isn’t too popular but tries his best.

Although the some U.S. sort of views the British Office as sort of a set of snobby characters that aren’t that funny, it is hard not to get into some of the episodes. I mean, you have some really great plots and situations such as Gervais singing “Free Love Freeway” with his acoustic guitar in the office with some pretty funny gabber in between. The entire show is interesting really if you take a chance to watch it and try to get what is going on, but for those in the U.S. it is just a bit different and sometimes hard to swallow. The brashness is a bit more obvious and there is a bit less censoring of the content.

The British Office is actually offered late nights on Adult Swim, the adult counterpart to Cartoon Network that is available only late night. The show is actually on each week and they are most likely the most interesting; however it is hard to tell because there isn’t a bunch of anything going on but some office work and what not. The U.S. version is available on TBS and offers a the same relative theme with an American twist and a bit more monitoring of what is being said and how far the characters are going. The same idea is followed, Carell playing the manager who is not too popular amongst the staff yet tries his hardest to fit in and get in with his employees.

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