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Asian office furniture has become the Hottest Trend in Furniture Today

Asian office furniture is starting to get very popular nowadays because of its unique style and distinct natural materials. It is one of the hottest trends in office furniture today. Asian office furniture is always identified with only two of the most popular Asian countries of China and Japan but the truth is that Asian office furniture also comes from many other Asian nations. This makes Asian office furniture different from traditional Western furniture because Asian furniture has its own unique identity due to the fact that each furniture piece is completed by an individual’s skilled hands and not by machines.

One good example of Asian office furniture is what they call Oriental furniture that are originally created based on the traditional oriental designs recognizable with its bold painted designs that are often combinations of color red, gold and black. This Asian office furniture is typically made of rosewood and is heavily lacquered. Many Asian designs are based from different regions and generations that have been carried on until today.

The Asian office furniture started to gain popularity because of the popularity of feng shui in this generation, anywhere in the world and being widely practiced to attract good luck and ward off bad luck. Feng shui is now a popular way being applied my many interior designers that provide furniture arrangement inside homes the positive energies it needs for a happier and fuller life. This practice is also said to bring in good luck to businesses. No wonder Asian office furniture is so popular in offices nowadays because they are believed to carry “lucky” energies with them.

Asian themes are now being adapted by many offices across the world especially homes and offices throughout North America and Europe. The Asian office furniture collections are now being used together with other Oriental themes such as Asian wall paintings, lucky charm wall hangings, bamboo plants and Zodiac figurines. Another reason that makes Asian office furniture very famous is because its designs incorporate elements of nature and zodiac animals like dragons, tigers, (kung fu panda?) etc.

The Asian office furniture does not have fluffy cushions but only beautifully printed fabrics that are made by hand. The beautiful designs attract attention as well and its designs exude calm and peace. Traditional Indonesian furniture pieces, on the other hand, feature intricate hand-carved designs that are bold and beautifully stained woods. So if you wanted a touch of Asian flair in your office, go for Asian office furniture pieces.

Asian furniture collections are made from rich woods that come from many Asian countries such as:

  • China
  • Laos
  • Burma
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

Due to the gaining popularity of original Asian furniture pieces, many companies are replicating the furniture with the use of “fake” materials. So depending on your budget, you may want to consider these Asian “reproductions” because they come cheap compared with the original items that are really expensive.

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