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An Officer and a Gentleman | A Movie that Hits Home

I have heard of the movie An Officer and a Gentleman starring Richard Gere and had no intentions of watching it until one of my friends told me that it’s a cheesy feel good drama that I should not miss out. So I did watch the An Officer and a Gentleman and almost banged my head to the wall for not watching this touching and feel good movie. I became a fan of the movie and An Officer and a Gentleman now became a part of my movie collection.

An Officer and a Gentleman is a 1982 film that tells a story about a man who found his calling in the navy. Along his way of enlightenment, he will get to know some people who will help to be who he is. He would also meet the love of his life on the process. Here is a list of characters of the movie An Officer and a Gentleman:

  • Richard Gere as Zack mayo
  • Debra Winger ad Paula Pokrifki
  • Louis Gossett Jr. as Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley
  • David Keith as Sid Worley
  • Lisa Blount as Lynette Pomeroy
  • Lisa Eilbacher as Casey Seeger
  • Tony Plana as Emiliano Della Serra
  • Harold Sylvester as Lionel Perryman
  • David Caruso as Topper Daniels
  • Robet Loggia as Byron Mayo
  • Victor French as Joe Pokrifki

Some would say that the movie An Officer and a Gentleman is a little bit predictable as far as the story plot is concerned, and I would have to agree with that, the presentation of the story is nothing close to predictable though.  I sincerely applaud the director Taylor Hackford for being able to depict the story in such a moving and sentimental way. It had hit home for most Americans who wanted to believe that the American dream still works for the best.

The morale of the movie An Officer and a Gentleman is that no matter how low class in life you may be there is always hope for a better life. There may be a struggle within the system but such struggles will push you to the top by helping you be a better person. And woman can still marry the man of their dreams by sticking to a life of decent values. It’s like a fairy tale in the real world and it really is a tear jerker.

If there is a remake for An Officer and a Gentleman, I would definitely be on the line and grab some tickets in advance to watch it. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends as well. Hopefully the remake is as good as this movie. One thing the remake can do is adapt the setting to our modern world and for sure it will still hit home.

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