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Advantages of Using a 3D Office Design Visual

A design can either make or break a project, this is why before anything is built, a model must first be made.  But with the advancement of technology, you can now be provided with a 3D office design to give you a better view and idea of exactly how your office will look.  The realistic look of a 3D office design deals with the difficulties successfully, as well as provides new opportunities for the business.  It is now possible to decorate and find furniture solutions that are stylish, practical, and appropriate to your budget.

Fully rendered 3D office design drawings can be created to give you 3 dimensional, full color impressions of the proposed scheme.  Panoramic views are created that will allow the customer to enter into the new environment as well as explore endless possibilities.  Detailed visuals of a space are provided by 3D office designs, which can be a powerful tool on many levels.

Technology development has dramatically changed offices.  Desks now have to cope with personal computers, telephones, PDA’s, and other electronic devices.  Individuals within a business, however, are very often very resistant to change, mainly because they are already with the way things are and fear that the change may make things worse instead of better.  A 3D office design can demonstrate what is being created for them with the new/refurbished office space, alleviating the fear of what is to come and actually turn their negative feelings towards change into a positive feeling.  3D office design will also then put the employees at ease knowing what will be achieved at the end of the process and that it will be well worth it in the end.

Commercial level refurbishments or relocations can be quite costly, and any mistakes made during the planning stage can prove expensive.  That is why creating a 3D office design visual of the space indicating colors, finishes, and even positions of facilities and walls can draw attention to potential problems even before any work has been started and materials purchased.  If the design of a carpet that is being specially woven highlights the scale of the pattern or even show that the combination of the colors just is not right, seeing this on the 3D office design visual can correct this predicament before manufacture can save you thousands.

Here are some of the benefits why 3D office design may be a better solution:

  • Design product faster
  • Beat your competition to market
  • Communication between suppliers and customers are more effective
  • Able to visualize more “what if” scenarios during the design process
  • More effective internal design reviews
  • Generation of virtual prototypes allows even the non-CAD people to participate in the process
  • Late design changes can easily be incorporated
  • Test and validate designs for cost reductions from quality problems and errors
  • Reduces the need and cost of physical prototypes
  • Designs can easily be manufactured with industry leading partner products

So in conclusion, using a 3D office design visual will provide you with a better, more realistic view of your office, a lot better than your typical 2D or even a scale model.

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