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Ada County Sheriff’s Office

Headed by Sheriff Raney the Ada County Sheriff’s Office is the largest law enforcement agency within the state of Idaho. Located in Boise, Idaho, the sheriff’s office provides Ada County and included communities all the law enforcement needs such as patrolling, arrests, maintaining local jail, licenses and permits, etc. The citizens of Ada County have a great team working for them. There are community programs sponsored by the sheriff’s office to provide resources to the underserved within Ada County.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office Employee Association heads food and clothing drives to donate much needed food and clothing to the Boise Rescue Mission as well as participates in many community events and fundraisers striving to enrich the community. The community protected and served by the sheriff’s office is provided with enriching and much needed resources. The sheriff’s office of Ada is proud to serve the community each and every day with over 600 employees, many of which are professionals and provide very comprehensive services to the community. Every department within the sheriff’s office is open daily to serve the community effectively.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office hosts a website full of useful information for individuals and the community. They provide a sexual offender’s list available to the public in an effort to keep the community informed and safe. Knowing who is where provides the community with the tools necessary to keep their loved ones safe and keep the children within the community safe. There are warrant listings in which the public can view and see who exactly is wanted by the sheriff’s office which is useful for those needing to know who they are dealing with in the community. There is also a jail inmate listing for those needing to see if loved ones are housed at the county jail or make arrangements to visit or send commissary to these inmates.

Contacting the Ada County Sheriff’s Office for any questions or concerns is encouraged and they even list their information on their website for the public to find very easily. They will respond appropriately to any requests for service or inquiries about issues that may be present in the community. Finding out what community events they are involved in next is also provided on the website as well as their accomplishments within the community and the efforts they are making to clean the crime out of the community. Working with other local organizations and agencies, the sheriff’s office of Ada County is providing a high effort to law enforcement and community service which is refreshing for local governments. They provide all your civil court needs and enable the company to feel safer knowing there is a strong and unified team working for the community instead of just in it.

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