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2003 Microsoft Office Word – What’s in it?

The default word application of the Office 2003 is the 2003 Microsoft Office Word. It is in this version of Word that the word office was integrated as a way to emphasize the unity of all the Office suites. So what used to be as Microsoft Word now became rebranded as Microsoft Office Word. The 2003 Microsoft Office Word are included in the following editions of the Microsoft Office 2003:

  • Basic Edition
  • Student and Teacher Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Small Business Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Professional Enterprise Edition

Many are asking what’s so special with the 2003 Microsoft Office Word since not much were added to or enhanced from the previous version of Word which is the Word 2002 also known as the Word XP. Perhaps the biggest and most significant change or improvements on the 2003 Microsoft Office Word were the addition of the Research Pane and the enhancement on Reviewing and Comments.

What’s special about the 2003 Microsoft Office Word enhancement on the Reviewing and Comments is that it now displays both in-text comments and encapsulated comments. If you come across a 2003 Microsoft Office Word document that has balloons on it with comments, well that’s the enhancement for an encapsulated comment. You will also notice that the text is placed more conveniently in the margins. This is so you can preserve the layout of the document that allows for an easier tracking of changes.

These enhancements on the Reviewing and Comments of the 2003 Microsoft Office Word is very useful for editors and copywriters to point out some things that needs to be changed or worked on the document. This makes the writers more aware of their flaws as the revisions will be very obvious already as compared to editing the whole document. You can also save some space in the document since the comments are located in the margin already.

Another feature of the 2003 Microsoft Office Word is the addition of Research pane. It is a new function that gives the user the capability to simultaneously reference a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia through the World Wide Web without leaving Word. That way you don’t have to go from one window to another on your task bar. This makes the 2003 Microsoft Office Word more user friendly for students who does a lot of research work.

Lastly, the 2003 Microsoft Office Word is designed to work more efficiently with a Tablet PC. A Tablet Pc is designed to work like a portable writing tablet. Here you can include handwriting recognition. It also has the capability to remember handwritten words. What’s more is you can use a pen input device to write and draw straight on to the document page.

There may be less added to or enhancement from the previous version of Word on the 2003 Microsoft Office Word but the very few that was added on are indeed very useful. So in the end it’s not the number of things that were added or changed but it is the functionality of these changes that matters.

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